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If you’ve got problem fat and cellulite in areas like your upper arms, knees, or neck, but surgery just isn't for you, the InMode Contoura MiniFX treatment could be exactly what you’re looking for. At Baheri Wellness Centre in Beverly Hills, California, Mehran Baheri, MD, and the dedicated and caring team perform the gentle MiniFX treatment in short office visits to help you sculpt and tighten problem areas without surgery or downtime. Book your appointment online or by phone now.

MiniFX Q & A

What is MiniFX?

MiniFX is a body sculpting and cellulite reduction treatment for problematic fat in areas like your neck, arms, and knees. MiniFX is similar to BodyFX, but the smaller treatment handpiece is designed specifically for easy maneuverability in smaller areas of your body. With MiniFX treatment, you get noticeable results without any incisions, bleeding, or recovery time.

How does MiniFX treatment work?

Your treatment provider at Baheri Wellness Centre moves the MiniFX treatment applicator across your skin, making stamp-like movements. The MiniFX applicator lightly pulls small sections of your skin up to treat the fat cells with radiofrequency energy, which triggers a cellular breakdown. 

MiniFX heats your skin to the precise temperatures clinically proven to induce maximum fat lipolysis (40-43°C). Your care provider monitors the temperature constantly using the digital temperature monitor, and the handpiece has an auto-shutdown feature to avoid any chance of overheating.

The MiniFX device also stimulates collagen and elastin renewal to help tighten and firm loose skin. This diminishes the appearance of cellulite and enhances your results from the fat loss. You'll dispose of the old fat cells through normal waste disposal mechanisms over time.

What areas does MiniFX treat? 

MiniFX treatment treats the smaller areas on the body, including:


In the upper arms, MiniFX reduces excess fat and tightens up the loose skin that often occurs as you age. 


In the neck area, including the under-chin area where a dreaded double chin can develop, MiniFX melts stubborn fat and tightens up skin that's grown loose.


MiniFX treats fat deposits and tightens up sagging skin to restore your knees to look more like they did when you were younger.

MiniFX might also be the right choice for other small parts of the body. Talk to your Baheri Wellness Centre provider about reducing fat and eliminating cellulite in other parts of your body.

Does MiniFX treatment hurt?

No, in fact, most patients find it quite comfortable. It's normal to experience pulling and deep warmth during a treatment, but it's easily tolerated and quickly fades following treatment. 

How many MiniFX treatments do I need?

Most patients need around 6-8 weekly treatments to get ideal results. After that, occasional maintenance treatments coupled with a healthy diet and exercise can help you enjoy the results long term. 

Use the online appointment maker or call the Baheri Wellness Centre office to book your MiniFX treatment now.